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Solution-focused sessions dedicated to your unique HR and IR problems
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Do you every wish you could pick our brains about your people problems?

You’re not alone. We get asked this a lot!  As a business owner or C-Suite leader, you have so many balls in the air its hard to address every challenge. You don’t always have time for big workshops and programs.

You just need access to an expert who can spend time strategising and helping you address your unique issues.

That’s why we offer a VIP Consultation. You get access to our expert team to spend time with you, 1:1, to leverage our decades of knowledge and experience, and address your issues.

It might feel like you don’t have time – but if it gets to the point of crisis, you’ll have to drop everything and it will take so much time, energy and stress.


Carving out a VIP strategy day will help you get stuff done and have the practical steps to move your business forward.

What can you cover in a VIP Day?

Its all about you – your business, your workplace, your team.

Here’s a few examples of what you might want to address.

Looking at your award and whether you're paying your people correctly

Reviewing specific policies around updated legislation or rules

Advice on how new workplace legislation directly impacts your unique business

Recruitment and retention strategies

How you manage files and documentation for your team

Why choose a VIP Consultation?

People issues are like pot holes in the road. You drive past a small hole, then one day it feels a bit more of a bump, then you start driving around it. Then one day it’s massively dangerous – and you wonder where it came from?

This is how businesses end up in crisis. We ignore the cracks, and they grow over time until suddenly there is a huge issue that causes chaos for you and puts your business at significant risk.


I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses over the last 18 years who have found themselves in crisis.

There are usually 6 stages they (inadvertently) go through and the risk to the business escalates rapidly.

Level 1: Business is fabulous.  Your systems are strong, allowing you to be agile when it comes to managing your people.  This gives you the space to focus on growing the business.  You’re not at risk.
Level 2: Business is good.  There’s a system in place for HR and IR that you know and rely on but it’s a bit clunky and difficult sometimes .  This allows you to focus on sustaining the business – the employees, the customers, the products and services, and revenue. 
Level 3: Business has gone from systemised but clunky to disorganised. It’s tricky to do the day to day HR stuff, there’s people issues popping up and you don’t have the right systems to deal with them. You’re stuck in maintenance mode, always fixing something.
Level 4: Your systems and people management have fallen apart and you’re frustrated. It’s groundhog day – every day you seem to have the same issues on repeat, same people causing problems, same roadblocks. You’re stuck responding to all the issues and can’t get anywhere with the business. 
Level 5: Your business is in turmoil. You’ve had a claim made against you or a serious complaint – it’s still internal but you’ve had to get external help to deal with it. As a leader, you feel completely lost and don’t know how you got here. Your risk exposure is 95% – you’re almost certainly facing costs and consequences.
Level 6: You’re in crisis. Claims have gone external and you are facing a legal fight. As a leader, you are consumed by chaos. Your risk exposure is 100% – it’s going to cost you, the question now is how much.

The Trust Driven Performance Framework ensures you shift from crisis to tranquillity

The Trust Driven Performance™ framework its core to the support and advice we offer in our VIP Consultations.

Clear Expectations

When Clear Expectations are right, everyone can articulate their job, what’ is expected of them, and their goals. Behaviour and culture are good. People can deliver the outcomes the business needs, and be managed effectively and lawfully.

When you get this right, it is easier to have structural approaches to managing your people that help you meet your legal and regulatory requirements.



When connectivity is right, people feel safe at work. They are honest and speak up about problems or concerns. Errors and incidents reduce and productivity improves. People want to work here – and don’t want to leave.

When you get this right, your people are valued – and feel valued. They feel psychologically safe and welcomed at work. You’re humming.

Strong Foundations

This is your HR and IR backbone – your policies, procedures. Your rules of the game.

When Strong Foundations are in place, everyone is really clear on the terms of their employment and how they need to show up every day. Leadership knows who they need to operate today, and tomorrow. The Occupational Health and Safety is strong and WorkCover incidents are minimal. Performance issues and poor behaviour are dealt with in a timely way.

When you get this right, the business has the agility to scale successfully.

Two VIP Consultation Options

Meet Maureen Kyne

Maureen Kyne

Principal Consultant

Industrial Relations Expert | HR Strategist 

Maureen Kyne is an Industrial Relations Expert, HR Strategist, Speaker, Coach and Facilitator.

Maureen is obsessed with making workplaces safe for all employees through proactive education and coaching. She passionately raises awareness of Upward Bullying, an insidious form of bullying that is less known and destructive for organisations. 

Initially qualifying as a nurse, Maureen spent over 25 years as a senior leader in high-risk industries, including Nursing and Healthcare, Distribution, Construction and Manufacturing, before making the leap to consulting in 2005.

Over the last two decades, Maureen has helped her clients through terrible crises. Major injuries, bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination and gross misconduct. She has seen firsthand the financial, operational and psychological impacts on her clients and their business. 

Her Trust Driven Performance™ framework is her signature model that helps clients build a solid HR and IR framework that mitigates risks and prevents crises.

A trusted voice on HR and IR in Australia, Maureen has been a guest and contributing writer for many major publications and media organisations, including Nine News, Sky News, ABC News,  7 News, 3AW, 6PR, McPherson Media, HRD globally, Australian Community Media, The Mandarin, First 5000, Lawyers Weekly, CEO Magazine, the Financial Review and Kochie’s Business Builders.