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Emerging Leaders Collective

A twelve month program to empower and educate the next generation of leaders
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In your business do you:

Have new leaders stepping up who are technically excellent, but have never managed or led people before?

Want your next generation of leaders to improve the culture and performance of your team?

Have concerns emerging leaders don’t fully understand the responsibilities under regulations and legislation?

Worry that your new leaders don’t fully understand how to manage HR and IR issues correctly?

Your newly appointed leaders keep burning out and leaving or failing at their job, and you don’t know why?

The next generation of leaders in most organisations are experts in their profession, but don’t know how to successfully manage or lead people.

They step up into their new roles, and then struggle to meet expectations. It starts as small cracks – a missed deadline, missed KPI, small people issues.

Overtime the cracks widen into huge gaps – and significant risks. Productivity and performance dip, KPIs are missed, people issues increase and you start getting serious complaints. The board ask questions. You find yourselves managing a crisis – and probably lose a talented person in the process.

They were so good at their job – why did they fail as a leader?

Because Emerging Leaders need to learn the skills and expectations of people leadership alongside their technical expertise to step up successfully. Without this support, their psychosocial wellbeing, the team they led and your business results will be fractured. 

Emerging leaders need to be educated and empowered on practical people leadership to ensure their long term success – and protect your business.

I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses over the last 18 years who have found themselves in crisis.

There are usually 6 stages they (inadvertently) go through and the risk to the business escalates rapidly.

Level 1: Business is fabulous.  Your systems are strong, allowing you to be agile when it comes to managing your people.  This gives you the space to focus on growing the business.  You’re not at risk.
Level 2: Business is good.  There’s a system in place for HR and IR that you know and rely on but it’s a bit clunky and difficult sometimes .  This allows you to focus on sustaining the business – the employees, the customers, the products and services, and revenue. 
Level 3: Business has gone from systemised but clunky to disorganised. It’s tricky to do the day to day HR stuff, there’s people issues popping up and you don’t have the right systems to deal with them. You’re stuck in maintenance mode, always fixing something.
Level 4: Your systems and people management have fallen apart and you’re frustrated. It’s groundhog day – every day you seem to have the same issues on repeat, same people causing problems, same roadblocks. You’re stuck responding to all the issues and can’t get anywhere with the business. 
Level 5: Your business is in turmoil. You’ve had a claim made against you or a serious complaint – it’s still internal but you’ve had to get external help to deal with it. As a leader, you feel completely lost and don’t know how you got here. Your risk exposure is 95% – you’re almost certainly facing costs and consequences.
Level 6: You’re in crisis. Claims have gone external and you are facing a legal fight. As a leader, you are consumed by chaos. Your risk exposure is 100% – it’s going to cost you, the question now is how much.

The Trust Driven Performance™ Framework ensures your leaders know how to prevent a crisis

The Trust Driven Performance™ framework ensures your leaders mitigate risks, avoid crisis and create a high performance environment.


Clear Expectations

When Clear Expectations are right, everyone can articulate their job, what’ is expected of them, and their goals. Behaviour and culture are good. People can deliver the outcomes the business needs, and be managed effectively and lawfully.

When leaders get this right, it is easier to have structural approaches to managing people that help the leader and the business meet legal and regulatory requirements.



When connectivity is right, people feel safe at work. They are honest and speak up about problems or concerns. Errors and incidents reduce and productivity improves. People want to work here – and don’t want to leave.

When leaders get this right, people are valued – and feel valued. They feel psychologically safe and welcomed at work. Your business is humming.

Strong Foundations

This is your HR and IR backbone – your policies, procedures. Your rules of the game.

When Strong Foundations are in place, everyone is really clear on the terms of their employment and how they need to show up every day. Leadership knows who they need to operate today, and tomorrow. The Occupational Health and Safety is strong and WorkCover incidents are minimal. Performance issues and poor behaviour are dealt with in a timely way.

When leaders get the foundations right and fully understand them, they are empowered to succeed.

How the program works

Over twelve months, we empower and educate participants on practical people leadership so they can create a culture of Trust Driven Performance™ and become the Custodians of the future business and it’s people.
The program is a journey through six key areas, beginning with self-awareness through to the skills required to understand, read and communicate with their people.

DiSC profile and self-awareness

The Behaviour You Walk Past, You Sanction

Differences, Diversity and Inclusion

Conflict Resolution Skills

Effective Communication

Complaints Handling and Investigation Skills

At the end of the program participants will:


Comprehend the transition from colleague to leader they need to make.


Recognise outdated societal conformities that are inappropriate for business and leadership.


Understand and address their conscious and unconscious biases


Understand HR and IR legislation and regulations and their obligations as a leader


Understand workplace safety, both physical and psychological, and their obligations as a leader


Understand appropriate workplace behaviour, and be able to identify and address bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination.


Know how to compliantly and effectively recruit new people


Know how to manage poor performance.


Know how to manage difficult conversations and conflict.


Have the leadership skills to create a Trust Drive Performance™ culture.

Who is this for?

The Emerging Leaders Collective is ideal for:


Newly promoted leaders and managers


High performers identified as potential future leaders


Employees on a leadership development pathway


Next generation owner/leaders in family businesses

The Custodians need their own collective; a small, trusted network of leaders who can call on one another for support.

The program is delivered as a group program and is blended across onsite and virtual delivery to maximise flexibility while ensuring the Collective can develop this professional relationship.

Numbers are strictly limited 8 participants.


The program includes:


Twelve monthly mentoring and education sessions

Value $15,000 per year


Practical activities to embed learning in the workplace

Value: $4,080 per year

Tailored reading and education recommendations every month

Value: $4,080 per year

Program commencement and closing events

Value $2,400 per year

Access to a private community for support from me and your peers through the program

Value: $5,990 per year

Access to a private community for support from me and your peers through the program

Value: $5,990 per year
Program value: $37,540

Price on application

Invest in the future of your business by empowering and educating the next generation of leaders

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